We’re excited to announce that you can now buy the Aviation English: Expedite Level 4 book in the iTunes store! Now, you no longer need to wait for delivery or even pay for shipping.  Provided you have an Apple device like an iPad, iPhone,  or Mac with iBooks, you can now purchase the Expedite Level 4 textbook to start practicing your Aviation English skills immediately!

iBooks offer great features like audio, video, web links, photos, and a searchable glossary.  We’ve made use of all those features in the book.

Whether you are aiming for ICAO 4 or 5, this textbook will help you prepare for your next ICAO English Proficiency test.  It’s filled with vocabulary, quizzes, audio to practice your listening skills, etc.  All of Expedite Aviation English’s materials are designed to help you improve your Aviation English skills to communicate better in non-standard situations.  Consider taking the accompanying course: Expedite Level 4 Intensive Pace or one of the regular paced classes: (Expedite) Airport Vicinity, In the Skies, or It’s Critical.  Our instructors are ready to help you reach your ICAO goals as fast as possible. But, it’s up to you to get started!

Meanwhile, head over to the iTunes store from your device and search for “Expedite Level 4” to purchase the book right away.

Still prefer to hold the book in your hands?  The print version now includes vocabulary quizzes and a glossary.  You’ll find it here.