This is the course you take if you need help

understanding radiotelephony in routine situations.

Want to feel confident speaking on the radio?  Learn to communicate in routine pilot/controller situations with standard and non-standard phraseology.  This 32 hour online course focuses on actual procedures used on a day-to-day basis.  We learn how to recognize and use non-standard phraseology and standard phraseology to communicate clearly in daily operations.  This course helps international students to decipher communication in many different ways to improve comprehension and respond appropriately and is based on ICAO standards.

This course provides 16 hours of online instruction with an instructor, 20 online tutorials, and 15 listening practice activities. An instructor will provide correction for all of your homework via email.

*It is recommended that students be a high ICAO Level 3 to participate in this class. This class should not be taken to improve ICAO English Proficiency because it deals only with routine situations.