Free Aviation English Lessons about Drones and Air Safety

Practice with Free Aviation English Lessons

Practicing your Aviation English just takes time and dedication to be successful.  Remember, it’s best to practice talking about these free Aviation English lessons with someone who can accurately correct your speaking.  On this page, you’ll find samples of recordings we send to our Expedite Aviation English newsletter subscribers.

This lesson featured in the January 2016 newsletter will help you practice aviation vocabulary, conversation questions, structure (grammar), and other skills you will need to perform during Aviation English testing.  Our team of qualified Aviation English instructors is here to help you reach your best score and get the job of your dreams as a pilot or air traffic controller (ATC).  Please let us know how we can help!

Current events are a great way to practice your Aviation English skills.  Here are a few strategies you can use with current event articles:

  • Make a list of unfamiliar words
    • Look to find the meaning of each word in an aviation context
    • Practice using the word in every day speech
  • Think of some questions you might ask to get another reader’s opinion about the event
    • Have a conversation about the event with a fellow pilot or ATC
  • Think of some advice that would be helpful to the pilot, controller, or others during the event
  • Record yourself reading the article
    • Pay careful attention to your pronunciation
    • Ask a native speaker, friend, or instructor to listen to the quality of your pronunciation and make corrections

Click the audio and .pdf lesson below to practice a free current event Aviation English Lesson about drones and air safety.

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AIRMISS drones instructor newsletter lesson