Use our expertise to provide you with the Aviation English curriculum you need for your pilots and air traffic controllers.

Are you a flight school or airline with Aviation professionals like ab-initio pilots, commercial, ATPs? Do you want to help them with their Aviation English skills?  Contact us about using the Expedite Aviation English Program at your organization to help your group to realize their Aviation English goals.  Airlines and Flight Schools know that when Aviation professionals are cleared to communicate with ICAO English Proficiency at Level 4 or higher, it saves time, money, and lives.

Whether you need a trained instructor at your location or you’d like us to train your instructors, allow Expedite Aviation English to customize the program that best suits your needs. Just need textbooks or consulting on creating a quality program? Our mission is to help Aviation professionals to be strong in their career.

The Expedite Aviation English Curriculum contains all the Aviation English materials and lessons you will need to walk right into the classroom.   Your instructors will attend our Instructor Training in order to achieve the same success as we do.  Time is money, and quality is key. So, help your students learn in the most efficient, yet thorough way possible.

We offer affordable licensing options for all size organizations such as flight schools, University Aviation/Aerospace Programs, airlines, and ATCs. Or, just order textbooks.  Bulk discounts available.

Aviation English Textbooks, complete lesson plans, listening practice, guided speaking practice, tools, techniques, radiotelephony exercises, designed to assist students in attaining ICAO Aviation English Proficiency at Level 4 or higher.

Guidance for Flight Schools

Do you need help determining what you need to work with your international students, making sure they meet or exceed ICAO 4 English Proficiency? Schedule a Skype meeting to discuss your needs and goals to help your students be successful with their flight training.

Tutoring for FAA/PPL Instrument Commercial Licenses

Our CFIIs specialize in Aviation English and will work with your students so they’ll be able to communicate the knowledge they have to the FAA examiners. 

Practice ICAO Test

Does your organization need help making sure students hold ICAO 4 English Proficiency.  We can perform testing for screening purposes or help connect you with an examiner to take the Test of English for Aviation (TEA).