What do you do to improve your Aviation English listening skills?

Truth be told, many people prefer to practice their Aviation English listening skills (or, really all of their skills) by themselves.  Aviation professionals are busy working, flying, and living their lives.  Nevertheless, there are a few ways to improve Aviation English skills if you are dedicated and determined.  A great way to practice listening skills is by listening to LiveATC.

LiveATC.net has recordings of routine and non-routine situations in aviation around the world.  To practice for ICAO English proficiency, use the “Interesting Recordings” section of LiveATC.net.  You can choose recordings in the areas that you would like to increase your English skills.  Search for those recordings you don’t practice a lot and strengthen your skills.  To practice with routine situations, choose the “ATC Archives” for an airport.  It’s a great way to listen to international accents you might not be familiar with.  For example, if you are hispanic, you might not be very familiar with Asian accents.  Or, conversely, if you are Asian, you might not be very familiar with a Hispanic accent.  With LiveATC.net, you can choose any accent or type of recording you would like to practice.

After your download, you can listen to the audio as an .mp3 file or you may choose to import the audio into an audio editing software program like Audacity or Garage Band.  Remember if you are downloading software, to be sure of the website you are downloading from so that you do not get a virus on your computer.  What is good about audio editing software is that you can remove the extra silence or pick special parts you might like to practice with.

As you are listening, think about who is speaking.  Is it a pilot?  An air traffic controller?  A ground crew member?  Some other part of airport staff?  Listen for the messages and try to predict what kind of messages will come next.  Practice with colleagues when you can.  With time and practice, your Aviation English listening skills will grow.

As always, our online Aviation English classes will help you to reach your ICAO English proficiency goals.  We use real-life materials in our classes to help our pilots and ATCs to understand the material.

Have you tried this before?  How has it worked for you to help you improve your skills?