Most people testing for ICAO English proficiency need help in one of three areas: listening comprehension, structure, or vocabulary. Understanding vocabulary is critical to also expressing yourself well through an ICAO English proficiency test. The more vocabulary you know, the easier it is to understand what you are hearing.  Also, you’ll lean toward using more advanced structures when you answer conversation questions, ask questions to clarify information, or provide critical advice in emergency situations.  Certainly, the richer your vocabulary is, the more professional you’ll feel about yourself.

Join us for a free aviation English course on some simple strategies to brainstorm and practice your aviation English vocabulary.  We’ll meet for a quick 30 minutes and practice with a variety of examples.

When you think about the vocabulary ICAO language descriptor, think about word choice and the size of your personal vocabulary “bank.”  Errors in this section may include improper word choice as in trying to make a direct translation from one language to another that may not be quite right.  Take, for example, the differences between “realize” and “notice” or between “safe” and “safety.” Or, consider the simple message, “There’s a big problem with the brakes” versus “There’s a critical malfunction in the hydraulic lines affecting the brakes.”  Which message would provide more helpful information to a pilot seeking assistance?

With a little awareness and strategy, you can improve your ICAO English proficiency in the area of vocabulary. So, join us Wednesday free class.  We’ll be looking at a sample of recommendations for aviation professionals regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic.  We’ll simplify vocabulary and discuss making it richer.  We’ll also compare commonly confused words.  Leave with a list of words to practice with and you’ll likely feel a little bit stronger than you did before you started.

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