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We email a Practice ICAO Test to our email newsletter subscribers 4 times per year.  It’s a great way to keep your English skills strong and to give yourself an idea of where you are if you will be taking an ICAO test or re-test soon.  Each test has a listening section to practice your listening comprehension skills.  Our next test will feature a student’s answer to a conversation question asked in one of our classes.  It’s a great idea to listen to sample answers as well as making your own.

In order to build your English proficiency, remember that continual practice is key.  A bit of effort on a consistent basis builds proficiency.  You didn’t memorize a bunch of information to become a pilot or controller and forget it, right?  Although you may have memorized information at first, you kept learning and practicing until you became proficient pilots and controllers.  It’s the same with your Aviation English skills.

Our team of qualified flight instructors and Aviation English instructors are standing by ready to welcome you into one of our private, group, or self-study courses.  So, contact us today to see how Expedite Aviation English can help prepare your for your next ICAO English Proficiency Test.

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