Listening to non-routine situations in aviation is a great way to practice your Aviation English skills to prepare for ICAO testing.  We send out a quarterly Practice ICAO Test to our newsletter subscribers as an informal way to keep your listening comprehension skills sharp.  Make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter so that you can receive the next one.  Follow the link or use the subscription form to the right on this page.

Our instructors are happy to work with you to improve your listening comprehension skills. It can take around 800 hours of general listening to make an improvement in listening.  However, Aviation English classes are focused to help you practice the materials that will make you the most successful.  Usually, 100 hours of study is enough to see a significant improvement in your skills.

In our most recent Practice ICAO Test, you will hear 10 sample messages of non-routine messages.  The pace is well-controlled.  Most people in the high ICAO 3-6 range should understand them fairly easily.  Each message will play two times.  If your goal is to attain ICAO 5 or 6, try to understand and be able to repeat the message without hearing it again.   If you notice you have particular trouble with a question, you can study to increase your vocabulary in that area.  For example, people nowadays are fairly comfortable with vocabulary about security and safety.  Yet, many students struggle with more complex medical vocabulary.  So, if you have trouble understanding the medical words, you would know that you need to increase your vocabulary in that area.

You can give yourself even more practice as you take the Practice ICAO Test by creating questions and advice for each scenario.  Think of questions that will identify critical information about each scenario.  Think of advice that would be immediately helpful to each speaker.Throughout the Practice ICAO Test, notice your pronunciation.  Notice if you pause many times.  Notice your choice of vocabulary.  Many times you can “self-diagnose” any situations that are giving you trouble.   Remember that practice makes perfect.

Practice ICAO Test

Practice ICAO Test for Expedite Aviation English Newsletter Subscribers

Our instructors are here to help you whether you want to study on your own and just email your homework in or if you want to study each day with an instructor. As always, let us know how we can help!