training international ab-initio pilots

Are you training international ab-initio pilots?

As part of the aviation community, we know that flight training is intense.  There are untold hours of reading, studying, focusing, memorizing, and dedicating one’s heart and soul to aviation.  In training international ab-initio pilots, learning aviation specific vocabulary in English  can make things even more complicated.

Flight Instructors, would you like to save some time in the air by spending less time repeating yourself and be able to have the student improve more rapidly? Would you like to increase the quality of student response to your lessons? Do you know how to detect the differences in ICAO English Proficiency Levels?

Great flight schools are dedicated to their ab-initio pilots.   Their flight instructors see the potential in them and strive to help them achieve their lifelong dreams of becoming pilots.  Great flight schools also see the value in providing good Aviation English training (or at least knowing where to find it).  They know that they can often save those ab-initio pilots  thousands of dollars in overflight by helping them to understand the specific phraseology of aviation.

One way we strive to serve the needs of international ab-initio pilots and the flight schools training is by offering our 1 hour workshop, “Training International Students the Right Way” to flight schools we work with.  We are excited to be returning to Sun n Fun for the second year to present this free workshop.

We will:

  • Educate flight instructors and flight schools on the regulations regarding ICAO English Proficiency
  • Familiarize flight instructors and flight schools with the procedures in obtaining ICAO English Certification
  • Provide tools that can be used to improve flight student performance
  • Formulate a plan to implement teaching strategies used in the Aviation English class with flight students
  • Present strategies to recognize the difference between ICAO Level 3 and 4
  • Describe best practice for training international ab-initio pilots
  • Provide resources of classes available to support Aviation English Proficiency

Join us either:

  • Friday, April 8        1300-1400   Room 4
  • Saturday, April 9    1000-1100  Room 8

If you are interested in having this workshop presented for your flight school, please contact us.

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