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Does the online class format work the same as an in person class?

Yes! Like any class, you must put your effort into the class and complete the recommended assignments and homework in order to achieve the most success.

Who teaches Expedite classes?

Our instructors may be English teachers with Aviation experience or they may be CFIIs with training in teaching English as a foreign language. Nevertheless, our instructors hold ICAO 6 English Proficiency.

Do you offer any in-person classes?

Sometimes we conduct the Strategies for ICAO Testing Seminar (link to Strategies for ICAO Testing Seminar page) at various locations.  If you subscribe to our newsletter, you’ll receive a monthly newsletter with our upcoming events and ways to keep your Aviation English Skills strong.

I’ll still be working (as a pilot, ATC, etc.) while taking this class. How much homework will I have? How can I arrange my schedule?

We often hold private classes with students so you can set up your own schedule with your instructor.