On this Aviation English Resources page, you’ll find a variety of resources we encourage our students to use for additional practice.

Ways to practice on your own:


  • Our YouTube Channel
  • Our newsletter
  • Rated speech samples site
  • Librivox.org
  • PHAK
  • Skybrary
  • Our Facebook page


  • We offer free practice in ICAO English and Radio Communications.
  • Our newsletter will give you quick strategies or notifications of new events we’re doing to help you practice for free on your own or in one of our classes or events.
  • The Rated Speech Samples site is a great way to learn more about how ICAO testing has been handled in the past. It’s a great resource for listening comprehension.
  • Search for the Pilot Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge in Librivox.org and you’ll be able to listen to the PHAK. Don’t rely on it for flight knowledge as it may not be updated. However, it’s a great way to practice listening comprehension!

Have you purchased a textbook and need the audio files? Have your password ready from the Introduction to the book and access them here.

Other than our YouTube and Facebook page, we are not affiliates of any of these sites and cannot guarantee the content found therein.