Popular Questions

All of our classes are conducted online. However, if you are looking for a place to take our courses, we can refer you to a flight school that offers our courses. We do not offer visas.

Our instructors may be English teachers with Aviation experience or they may be CFIIs with training in teaching English as a foreign language. Nevertheless, our instructors hold ICAO 6 English Proficiency

We meet with all new private course students individually prior to setting a schedule. So, once you have paid for a course (or even before), you will meet with your instructor to make sure you understand what you’ll be doing in the course and that you have set a schedule you are comfortable with. You can cancel up until your first scheduled class session. After that, we have reserved your instructor just for you. Therefore no refunds are given. Read our policy. Any membership can be cancelled at the end of your month and will not renew.

Yes, contact us directly for more information. For our memberships, we do offer group bonuses.


What you’ll learn

aviation english skills

ICAO Testing, Courses, and Memberships for students, pilots, controllers

Support and memberships for flight instructors and flight schools

All of our intensive paced courses are private, online tutoring with an instructor. You will work with your instructor to set your schedule.

Online classes work if you do. Over the past 12 years, 100% of students who attend our classes AND do the homework as we assign it meet their goals.

If you aren’t willing to do homework, we are not the program for you.

Our classes are 100 hour courses typically-64 hours with an instructor and (at least) 36 hours of homework and practice. Ideally, they work best when classes are taken at least 2 hours per day/3 days per week.

Our memberships are entirely self-paced. Since we’re always adding new content, there will be new material as long as you’re a member (and even better that you have your price locked in!)

Yes, typically you’d participate in some private tutoring working directly with a CFI to help you prepare for your oral exams, check rides, etc. The best option would be our FAA Flight Training Review Course or a radio communications course.

We will begin offering this service again soon. Please contact us for more information.