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Expedite Aviation English offers a variety of Aviation English training and support for international pilots, controllers, student pilots, flight schools, and flight instructors.

Classic intensive paced courses, Self-paced ICAO membership for students and Aviation English instructors, Practice or Placement ICAO English Proficiency testing, Radio Communications Training, Support for flight students


Aviation English Courses with an instructor or on your own, but never without support!

Pilots, Controllers, Flight Instructors, and Flight Schools rely on us to support their students.

  • Practice Testing
  • ICAO English Proficiency Testing
  • Self-study ICAO English Proficiency and Radio Communications Proficiency courses (with live lessons to attend at your convenience)
  • Private, intensive paced ICAO English Proficiency courses
  • Private FAA Flight Training Review courses
  • Discounts available for Group Courses


Flight school? flight instructor?

Do you need…

  • guidance on supporting your students?
  • ICAO English Proficiency testing
  • Placement Testing to determine the suitability of flight training?
  • materials to use with your students?

YOUR flight plan TO A BETTER

Aviation English Courses, ICAO English Proficiency Courses, Radio Communications Courses

Registering for June 2022

Five By Five

If you hold ICAO 4 English Proficiency and are ready to move to ICAO 5, this is your course. In this private study course, you’ll spend 54 hours with an instructor at a time that a mutually convenient time for both of you. Plan on at least 36 hours of homework and assignments. If you’re ready to work hard to reach ICAO 5, we’ll address pronunciation, structure, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, and interactions.
Best of all, the three evaluations given during this course will be rated by an ICAO English Proficiency rater. The rater will provide feedback and suggestions for improvement. One month free access to Strategies for ICAO Testing Membership materials one month following the course.

Placement or Practice Test

PLACEMENT TEST with Instructor

Are you going to be attending a flight school and they’ve asked you to take this test? Are you going to take an ICAO English Proficiency test and you’d like to know how to improve? With this test, you’ll receive a brief overview of ICAO Testing in general. Then, you’ll set up an appointment to take a 30 minute assessment with an instructor or rater.

ICAO English preparation course

Strategies for ICAO Testing Membership

Practice with audio recordings of international speakers, attend live lessons, watch recordings to improve your ICAO English Proficiency, learn strategies for taking an ICAO test to prove your aviation English proficiency.

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