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In this VFR radio communications course based on FAA communications, students learn to communicate in routine pilot/controller situations with standard and non-standard phraseology.   Students learn how to recognize and use non-standard phraseology and standard phraseology to communicate clearly in daily operations.  This course helps international students to decipher communications in many different ways to improve comprehension and respond appropriately.  If you are meeting all together with a flight school or organization, this class typically meets Monday through Friday, 1.5 hours  per day for 4 weeks. If you are meeting privately with an instructor, your course schedule will be set between you and the instructor. However, you may plan that your course will follow the structure in the green chart below.

A score of 80% on all coursework and 80% on the final exam is required to pass this course.  Any absences must be excused. Please refer to the policies when you registered for the course. Grades are calculated as follows:

  • 30% Evaluations (Stage 1, Stage 2, Final Exam-Written & Oral)
  • 40% Homework, Project, Quizzes, and Observations
  • 30% Classwork 

This VFR Radio communications course is appropriate for those who hold ICAO Level 3 through 6.

CTC VFR Course Plan v 01.23