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Are you stalled in your flight training due to Aviation English? Do you understand the material but you can’t express yourself in an oral exam? Do you struggle with the material because the aviation English vocabulary is all new to you? Is there too much going on in the plane at the same time?

Are you a CFI, CFII with a flight student who is struggling? Does he or she understand general, routine concepts, but struggle a bit when things get complicated? This course is entirely customized, private online tutoring to support PPL, Instrument, and Commercial pilots pilots studying flight training for the first time or while converting to an FAA license.

In this FAA Flight Training Review, students work privately online with an instructor (CFI, CFII, or Aviation English Instructor/Commercial Pilot).

The course may involve radio communications combined with our Aviation English “Chair Flying”. Or, it may include tutoring in understanding and processing the Aviation English needed for flight training. Sometimes, even students who speak English fairly well struggle with Aviation English because there is SO much new, highly technical vocabulary.

Let our fleet of instructors support you!

Practice the skills you need to return to flight training.

Once purchased, you will receive an email from us asking to set up a schedule for your course. Please feel free to contact us before you buy so we feel confident that we can support you.