Course Description:  Five by Five prepares students to achieve ICAO Level 5 English Proficiency in order to have the greatest chances as employability. Students work to improve their English Listening and Speaking Skills in an aviation setting by developing English proficiency skills in Pronunciation, Structure, Vocabulary, Fluency, Interaction, and Comprehension.  This class is designed for ICAO Level 4 students and will strengthen their skills needed to earn ICAO Level 5 using non-routine situations in aviation. Although there is some reading and writing, the main focus of the class is placed on listening and speaking skills to prepare students for their careers as pilots. *Students must have proof of ICAO Level 4 English Proficiency to be enrolled in this course. Students should plan on spending 2 hours per night completing the homework.  As this is an INTENSIVE paced course, you must complete all homework in order to be successful. We strongly request that you not translate as it will slow your progress.

At least a 70% average is required to pass the course. Grades are calculated on in-class participation (30%), homework, projects, daily quizzes (40%), and 3 evaluations (30%).

Please remember we are here to help you.  Please let us know when you have questions.