Is a virtual Aviation English Class right for me?

  1. Technology is advancing all the time.  Live, virtual classes allow students to receive the same quality of instruction that they would receive with on-site classes, but without additional expenses like housing and travel.  The Expedite Aviation English Program allows busy pilots and air traffic controllers to still receive instruction from native speaking Aviation English instructors. However, virtual classes are NOT for everyone.  Let’s look at the qualities of successful Expedite Aviation English students.
  2. Expedite students are motivated.  Our students usually have a specific goal such as passing a test like ICAO Aviation English proficiency through the TEA, TEAC, EPTA, ELP, or Santos Dumont to name a few. Many of our students are looking for a better, higher paying job and learning English is essential to being hired.
  3. Expedite students are wise!  Expedite students know that they should choose a company that will help them to get the results they want.  ICAO research shows that it takes 100 hours of English language study to improve ½ level.  83% of Expedite students see a full level of improvement with an Intensive paced class.  That means that most students who enter Expedite Level 4 Intensive Paced classes at ICAO Level 3 will earn ICAO 4 by the end of the class. (Who are the students who don’t reach ICAO 4?  The students who don’t earn ICAO 4 are the ones who don’t do their homework.)
  4. Expedite students are willing to follow a plan.  Our students are willing to trust our formula and plan for success…the same formula that has helped so many to achieve their goal of learning English quickly and well!  Our students come to class, do their homework, and ask lots of questions when they don’t understand the topic of the day. Learning English is not easy, but Expedite’s steps are simple.
  5. Expedite students like technology.  Our students love the Internet.  As part of the aviation profession, they are on the leading edge of technology. Our students appreciate using technology to speak with a great instructor to learn exactly what they need.
  6. Expedite students like to save money.  Rather than having to spend money on travel and housing, Expedite students learn English from wherever they are in the world.  Also, students who will begin flight training after Aviation English classes because they will not be spending money on overflight.   Overflight because of misunderstandings during training can cost thousands of dollars.  We’ve found that flight students spend up to $30,000 more on flight training due to English skills.  $1800 for an Aviation English course or $30,000 in over flight??  Which would you pick? We’d take the Aviation English course!  Just saying… 😉
  7. Expedite students like to save time.  Our students are busy people and busy people GET THINGS DONE!  Our students love to take class with instructors at the time that is convenient for them.  They don’t have to wait for a visa, wait to travel, or take time away from their lives.  In regular paced classes, our students meet 2 hours per day/2 days per week. They can still go to work and enjoy time with their families.  Our intensive paced students attend classes 4 hours per day Monday-Thursday and they love learning quickly!

If you would like to discuss if a virtual Aviation English class is right for you, send us a message, view our YouTube Channel or connect with us on Facebook! Then, you’ll know!

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