improve ICAO English Listening Comprehension

Trying to improve your ICAO English Listening Comprehension skills? Give yourself the time it takes and work a focused plan. Time in task is the way to go

  1. Plan targeted activities to build your skills. Make sure you do them over time. Remember, ICAO Testing measures proficiency, not knowledge. Plus, many people experience stress when then test. However, if you’ve spent enough time in task, you’ll perform well without having to worry about it.
  2. Use many different tools….audio, video, reading, writing. Hunt aviation materials in as many places as you can find them.
  3. Practice listening to some non-routine messages and repeating them back. Think of it this way. If you are are trying to get stronger, you’ll start lifting light weights. You’ll gradually build up weight over time. Do the same with your listening practice. Start listening to brief messages ( just short simple sentences or parts of sentences). Work on building the length of radio calls or messages that you hear.
  4. Practice rephrasing what you hear. If you can rephrase what you hear, you’ll save yourself some stress in case you understand the intent of a message but forget a specific word or two. If you’ve been practicing, chances are that you’ll still understand the intent of the message.
  5. As you’re remembering a message for read back, try to think of key words. Or, if you are able to take notes, make note of specific words or symbols to help you read back.
  6. Use a voice recorder so that you can capture your pronunciation and fluency as you get stronger.
  7. Get some support from a trusted instructor. Remember you can ask us! With our Practice ICAO Test, you can take a test with an instructor to get personalized feedback about YOUR skills. Or, get some long term support and feedback with live lessons in the Strategies for ICAO Testing Membership.

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