ICAO English proficiency Speed Drills

As you know, we believe in frequent practice as you work to improve your ICAO English Proficiency. You are probably also aware that he highly recommend doing speed drills for ICAO English Proficiency. When you work against the clock, you’re working in the same way as when you take your next ICAO English Proficiency test.

Recently, we posted two videos on YouTube which you can use to practice your fluency and interactions on your own. Try practicing with these two videos. If you are a member of our Strategies for ICAO Testing Membership, you’ll find some audio samples of students practicing with the ICAO English Proficiency speed drills.

Here are the directions to follow:

  • Use your voice recorder on your cell phone, computer, or tablet.
  • Start the recording when prompted in the video (We’ll tell you when to start.)
  • Listen to the audio and ask questions or give advice. You can even read back. Just do your best to keep talking.
  • When done, go back and listen to what you said. Do you have pauses where you now know you need to learn some words? Do you hear grammatical errors you may have made? Do you see areas where you can improve? Were you able to maintain a rate of speech of 100 words per minute with good pronunciation? Are there any sounds that you need to continue to practice? Or, do you see yourself doing great?

With time and attention, your skills will get better and better! We wish you success in meeting your ICAO English proficiency goals.

Ask a trusted instructor or us in a live lesson if you are a member of Strategies for ICAO Testing Membership.

ICAO 5 Speed Drill for Questions and Advice #2
ICAO 5 Speed Drill for Questions and Advice #2

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